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Enthusiasm is what makes you do your business with passion. Enthusiasm is what your prospects need to see. You should love your business you should enjoy doing it and you must be proud to be connected to a source of excellent values, beauties and uniqueness.

Enthusiasm is what makes you do your business with passion.

Enthusiasm is what your prospects need to see.

 You should love your business; you should enjoy doing it; and you must be proud to be connected to a source of excellent values, beauties and uniqueness. You should visualise reasons of love till you truly believe it from your heart:

''I Just Love My Business!''

Love Your Business And Fight Like A Hero!

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EQ is more important than IQ for success, network marketing mlm training. The main objective of our training program is to develop Emotional Quotient/Intelligence (EQ). There are two kinds of intelligence, IQ and EQ. The term Intelligent Quotient(IQ) generally describes a test score on one’s cognitive ability.  People are generally evaluated based on their IQ. However, research has shown that IQ almost never helps one to  prepare for the changes and opportunities life offers. At this point, emotional intelligence comes into play. People who have a high score of EQ are much more successful than those who have a high score of IQ. People with a high score of IQ may fail in their lives. However, those with a high score of EQ have a low probability of failure. Recent research shows that IQ has a 20% contribution to success in our lives. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of teams. The thinking part of the brain comes from the emotional part. Both of these parts generally work together.  Being happy in our business and private life is closely related to the emotional intelligence ability. Even if emotional intelligence is hereditary, human can develop his intelligence at any age.
 The ways to develop emotional intelligence: increasing self-awareness, learning to control feelings, developing communication and social skills, finding ways to overcome problems, showing empathy and sympathy, dealing with other people, improving your knowledge by reading, social activities, etc. In Network Marketing, people are trained in these qualities and they have a chance to put them into practice. As you can see in this slide, the part of the iceberg that is under the water can be attributed to EQ and the larger this part, the better IQ will be.

fight like a hero, network marketing mlm training. It is expected of all Mega business owners, especially the new comers, to fight like a hero or champion. This business is not meant for people who just want to try; you must be ALL IN or you should not get involved.  One leg-in, one-leg out does not work, because this is a big business. Big businesses have never been built by those who are just trying. It is built by serious business persons. Do whatever you can for your business with confidence, with a strong belief and with courage. You are a newbie, behave like a hero, fight and act like a champion!

Put Your All, network marketing mlm training. Now that you have started the business, now that you have decided to do it, do not be afraid! Now do the jump and JUMP BEAUTIFULLY! Do not worry! There is a safety belt to protect you!

The changes in you, enjoy it, talk about it, network marketing mlm training. You should see the growth in you. It is not just the money. You are learning a lot of new things; you are getting better and better each day. You have overcome your fears; you have decided to fight to achieve your dreams. These are not small things. If others can not see it yet, you must feel and see them in you. People will soon see what you see in you. In your profession, almost instantly everyone becomes a better person in almost every aspect of his/her life. That is something lots of people will never have the opportunity to experience and benefit in their entire life. You will see the other beauties of your business, the positive influence on you, on your life and on your friends around you. You would definitely attract much attention and your team will grow as a reflection of your heart and your loving mentality.

Be The Best Member Of Your Team

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Team work, network marketing mlm training. The power of your business is in teamwork; nothing can be stronger than having a team of enthusiastic people with shared values working together to achieve the same goals. An effective team will bring you the desired outcome.
 Be organized, effective, helpful and flexible. Be an effective and supportive team player and love your team. An effective team is made up of a group of individually effective team players.
 Work together as a team; do not be separated from your team. Remember: if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. So be personally organized and effective!

Team work, network marketing mlm training. You must believe in team work, no matter how smart, intelligent, strong and energetic you maybe; you must work as a team in your business to achieve your biggest vision and dreams. You are now part of a team, if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. If someone is not working well in a team, he/she is actually damaging the whole team effort and mind-set. This is unpleasant for the rest of the team. If there is a plan, always get yourself involved. Be fast in helping others. Do not hesitate when team leaders decide for the team.  Adopt a win-win situation. If you win, they win; if they win, you win too. Be energetic, be the first volunteer for anything; be the most active and most energetic participant in meetings. Always add your 1% value to your team.  Support by encouraging your own team to cooperate. Create the most united team with your involvement.

be enthusiastic, Team work, network marketing mlm training. There is more power and courage in a team. Nothing is impossible with a group of people who are united for a purpose and are highly enthusiastic. I would rather have 20 highly enthusiastic and united people in my team than to have 200 inactive and unenthusiastic people. The power within an enthusiastic group is beyond description. Be united, be excited and live with the passion of your team! As a Mega business owner, you are responsible to create this explosive and enthusiastic mentality in your team!

Synergy , enthusiasm Team work, network marketing mlm training. All these will bring synergy which is described as the king of all habits of highly effective people. Synergy means more than the combined efforts of the team. Synergy means unlimited. Synergy exists in a united, enthusiastic and motivated team. Synergy means 20 enthusiastic people in a united team are as strong as 100 or more people. A team with synergy can accomplish any seemingly impossible tasks. Together at Mega Holdings, we can conquer the world with the synergy in our team. The Synergy Formula is: All in with your team; one for all and all for one.

be the fastest, be the best, do it, Team work, network marketing mlm training.  Here is a smart tip: Doing the business fast is easier than doing it slow. In your business, if you do as best and as strongly as you can, you will realize your business is growing faster than what you have planned for. But doing your business slowly will make it even  slower. That is a fact in this profession. If you want your business to be easy, try doing it as fast as you can from the start. You will create positive energy and a positive mood, so synergy increases and you can see positive growth rapidly. Your team makes money fast, team partners believe in doing things fast and all great things will happen faster. They feel more excited and they want to do more and this cycle will be repeated continuously. For example, for a newbie making 10 presentations in 3 days means doing things fast, and making 10 presentations in one month means doing it slowly. It is easy to understand. We will explain more later.

putt your all in, spirit of competitor, Team work, network marketing mlm training.It is very important to maintain the spirit of a competitor, spirit of competition between your team and other teams. Do your best. Remind yourself you must be the winner. It is your right to be the winner. Never forget this rule – whether you are fast or slow, you must never give up. You are working with a very powerful business; unbelievable things have happened before and will happen again. You can become the winner in an hour, but you can get left behind in the next hour. Put your All in your team; your team is your family. It must be the best. You must support and be proud of your team.


Use The Extreme Power Of Social Media

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Social media and the power, network marketing mlm training.Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. are strong and effective communication media in today’s world. Within seconds, you can inform the whole world about what you want them to know. Use it wisely and correctly; become the hero with whom everyone likes to communicate and cooperate. Never show your weakness or talk nonsense on social media. Be single-mindedly  focused on and invest in your business. We like to teach you here how you can show your enthusiasm on your social media.

invest on social media, network marketing mlm training.To help yourself create a positive mood to make your business grow faster, you must pay special attention to your social media and make it work for you. By advertising in a positive way and making your social friends curious about what you do, you can bring a lot of benefits to your organization. But first, you must understand one point: advertising positively and continuously on your social media is equal to sowing the seed of success. It may not  produce what you want at the beginning but do not give up. Continue to work at it, like watering and nurturing the seedling and plant. Over a period of time, it will surely bear fruits. You must invest first; then will you reap the benefits. Every day, post something interesting about your business. Soon your friends will start asking you about it, and one day, they will want to come and listen to your presentation. Never stop showing the perfect image of you, your team, your company, your positive personality. Be a strong person with vision and belief; be the one that everyone likes to follow.

be positive on social media, network marketing mlm training.On Face Book or other social media, post and comment status like: I love My business, I love Mega Holdings, I love iMega,  Congratulations to so and so on your achieving Mega Leader status! etc.
 Share things like pictures of your meetings or seminars, pictures of Mega success, any great ideas about Mega, Mega members’ achievements, any motivating quotation from famous authors or persons.
 Do not forget to like and add on Mega Holdings Facebook page, add your prospect to your group, successful networkers, etc.
 Create and share things like interesting Mega pictures, videos about Mega, informative pictures about your business, etc.

Share share share, network marketing mlm training.If you are making presentation everyday, people will start asking you questions about it, or even if they do not ask you, you can be sure they are curious to know. Later when you invite them or when your business is growing, they will be highly motivated with your advertisements and your job to have them as a partner will be much easier than before. In this way, you have saved your time, you have increased your influence and you have invested a lot for your future. Just remember that you are not supposed to answer their questions before the meeting. Tell them they will find the answers at your meeting later. If they ask you questions, it means you have done your job well in creating curiosity. The secret is not no answer any of their questions before the meeting.

like share and comment, network marketing mlm training.One important thing on social media is to do this 10-second repeatedly: Like, comment and share. Support your business partners with your likes. Make sure you comment. It can be anything. If you do not have time, you can just write ‘I love Mega’.  Share any good pictures or videos of your leaders, your meetings, your company or anything about your business. This 10-second every day will be a great investment and you will soon see the results. Spread your seeds every where!

Support your partners, network marketing mlm training.Always support your team members like a father supporting his children. We are all in one family; when we grow, they will grow. When they grow, we will grow faster and better. Never let anyone talk bad about you, your company, your business or your business partners. Always be the first to show your love to your family by supporting them. At times, your team or company needs you to vote for them or rank them, vote and support them. The name of your business is your credibility; it must be the number one in any ranking among all the other companies or teams. Supporting your company or your business partners is supporting yourself and your business.

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